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Mayo Clinic Guide to Better Vision, Keep your eyes healthy and your eyesight sharp at any age...

Miércoles 29 de marzo de 2017, por guisela

Mayo Clinic Guide to Better Vision
More than 3,600,000 Americans older than age 40 are visually impaired. And somewhere in the world, another man, woman or child goes blind every five seconds. I don’t want this to happen to you...

Del escritorio de:
Sophie Bakri, MD
Editor médica

Hello !

My name is Dr. Sophie Bakri, a vision specialist at Mayo Clinic. It’s my privilege to serve patients who’ve experienced age-related vision loss.

But frankly, I’d rather you never need the services my colleagues and I provide. We much prefer you prevent age-related vision loss and enjoy clear vision for life.

Yes, we can help you prevent age-related vision loss. Our book shows you how.

Mayo Clinic Guide to Better Vision provides reliable, practical information on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of serious eye disorders and on basic eye care and safety. Much of the information comes directly from the experience of health care professionals at Mayo Clinic, a world leader in medicine for over a century.

Age-related eye conditions include farsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, eyelid problems and dry eyes. Preserving your vision and eyes by avoiding or slowing these problems is a key investment to make for your future.

Here are some great ways to get started right now:

Regular eye exams are essential for long-term eye health. The reason is simple: Early detection means easier, more-successful treatments — improved treatments you can learn all about in Mayo Clinic Guide to Better Vision. If you’re older than age 65, we advise an eye exam every one to two years.
Are carrots really good for your eyes? Turns out your mom was right ... foods high in vitamins A, C and E are essential for protecting the health of your retina. Carrots, berries, cantaloupe, mango and half a dozen more delicious foods listed in the book are all top sources of these nutrients.
’Go get yourself some cheap sunglasses.’ That was a pretty catchy tune, and it’s pretty good vision advice, too. Whether you prefer designer shades or bargain brands, choose lenses that filter 99 to 100% of ultraviolet A and B rays. More ways to hide your eyes from harmful rays are yours in the book.
Permanent vision loss is no longer an inevitable consequence of macular degeneration. New research is changing how the disease is treated. Get this critical update in your copy of Mayo Clinic Guide to Better Vision.
Tear-related problems create dry spots on the surface of the eye, leading to irritation and reduced vision. If that’s a concern for you, wear eye protection not only on sunny days, but windy days, too. And once you have the book, you’ll learn several more dry-eye remedies that I don’t have space for here.
We also have important news in the quest to end diabetes-related blindness. You’ll learn of a new drug treatment that shows real promise.
These are all excellent reasons for you to get a copy of the second edition of Mayo Clinic Guide to Better Vision right away. It provides up-to-date, in-depth coverage of some of the most common eye diseases. It can help you recognize early symptoms, better understand the diagnostic process and make more-informed decisions with your doctor regarding the most effective treatment options.

Mayo Clinic Guide to Better Vision is written in a clear, conversational style, supported by illustrations, photographs and tables. It is a practical resource for advancing your vision investments: keeping your eyes healthy and your eyesight sharp at any age.

Your vision is truly priceless. Many daily tasks depend on good eyesight, whether it’s choosing clothes to wear, preparing a meal, driving a car, or searching online for information that impacts your health, your finances or your loved ones.

This book is extremely affordable ... less than the cost of any medical procedure, yet packed with nine chapters of great information from Mayo Clinic. For only $29.95, secure your copy of Mayo Clinic Guide to Better Vision today — a small investment in preserving your priceless vision for the rest of your life.

Yours in good health,

Sophie Bakri, M.D.
Medical Editor-in-Chief


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