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Yes, Coca-Cola slushies in a pouch are a thing

Martes 17 de abril de 2018, por Johnny Lieu


Japan seems to be the place to be if you want wild Coca-Cola variations.

Not content with talking about putting booze in their soda, the drinks company has debuted a slushie version that does away with those Frozen Coke machines that seem to break down every so often.

Launched on Monday, the new concoction in a pouch has been dubbed "Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon," a product which the company said has been in the works for eight years with nearly 100 different prototypes tested.

5000RT:【夏にピッタリ】「コカ・コーラ フローズン レモン」が世界初登場!


— ライブドアニュース (@livedoornews) April 12, 2018

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