The Hidden Opportunity Within the COVID-19 Crisis: Three ways to transform your work and your life

“As a global pandemic grips modern society, most of the conversation has focused around the negative impacts facing individuals, organizations and society as a whole. Many people are hurting today. That cannot be understated. However, even COVID-19 has a silver lining. Deeply painful experiences can also be deeply transformational.”

— Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute

Our CEO, Flint McGlaughlin, has opened a new YouTube channel where he will be sharing what he has learned from three decades of leading and helping with business, nonprofit, educational and personal transformations. He will spend more time discussing personal value proposition development and transformation.

In this video replay from his channel, he explains how to make the most of hidden and emerging opportunities from crises.

Flint draws from the words of Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl, pointing out three ways to discover meaning in life:
1. Create a work or do a deed
2. Experience something or encounter someone
3. Change our attitude toward unavoidable suffering

Flint focuses on number three and encourages business owners, marketers (and anyone else in crisis) that you can use these difficult moments in time to change the arc of your life.

Key points in the video:

  • 4:27 We need to realize the importance of understanding meaning within the current global crisis.
  • 9:10 Victor Frankl Holocaust survivor said it’s up to people to decide what to do in a difficult circumstance. We still have the power to choose.
  • 10:34 Flint’s dad and mentor said no one can take from you your power to react in the right way.
  • 14:09 Victor Frankl: Three ways to discover meaning in life, but the third is our focus today
  • 16:43 Catra from the book “Born to Run” was a meth addict who transformed her life
  • 24:00 An explanation of Catra’s transformation
  • 35:01 Factors that can lead to a shift in one’s perception of the value of something: intensity, context, satiation
  • 38:56 Simply trying harder is not transformative. You must get your focus off of self.

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