Mailchimp, Sprout Social lead this week’s AI-powered martech releases

Artificial intelligence (AI) is sprouting everywhere in marketing technology. While it has been a part of many products for some time, ChatGPT’s launch made the topic white-hot. As a result, more and more AI-powered solutions are being announced every day. 

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Here is a roundup of actual AI-powered martech products, platforms and features announced this week. 

  • Mailchimp’s Email Content Generator is aimed at providing generative AI to small- and medium-sized businesses. With it marketers can generate email content and customize it, creating personalized email campaigns tailored to their brand, tone and marketing intent. It responds to natural language prompts and delivers three versions of the content for users to work with. Mailchimp’s AI tools can also analyze campaign performance, providing detailed insights and suggestions for improving both campaign and content. 
  • Sprout Social has new AI features across its social media management platform, including an integration with OpenAI adding new GPT-powered features and functionalities. One is Smart Query Suggestions which adds GPT-powered query keyword recommendations and can create more tailored topics. These features build on Sprout’s existing proprietary ML and automation capabilities. 
  • Inuovo’s IntentKey is designed to understand why CTV viewers are engaging with content. Its AI is a map of the connections between more than 25 million different WHY-based signals, which can be about people, places, things, products, ideas or emotions. It automatically finds and dynamically modifies audience segments every five minutes and uses data from that to provide advertisers with actionable household-level insights.
  • Evocalize’s EVOLVE is part of its collaborative marketing platform allowing franchisees to tailor content and campaigns. EVOLVE uses each user’s data to make highly localized versions of marketing copy. It also delivers campaign insights, plans for optimizing spend across channels for local conditions and detailed results predictions for each location in real-time.  

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