This week’s roundup of the latest martech featuring AI/ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence is sprouting everywhere in marketing technology. While it has been a part of many products for some time, ChatGPT’s launch made the topic white-hot. As a result, more and more AI-powered solutions are being announced every day. 

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Here is a roundup of actual AI-powered martech products, platforms and features announced this week. 

Nvidia’s NeMo Guardrails is an open-source toolkit designed to make AI-powered apps more accurate, appropriate, on-topic and secure. The software includes all the code, examples and documentation businesses need to add safety to AI apps that generate text. The software allows developers to build boundaries in three areas:

  • Topic guardrails prevent apps from veering off into undesired areas. For example, they keep customer service assistants from answering questions about the weather.
  • Safety guardrails ensure apps respond with accurate, appropriate information, filtering out unwanted language and insuring references are made only to credible sources.
  • Security guardrails restrict apps to making connections only to external third-party applications known to be safe.

CallRail’s Premium Conversation Intelligence uses AI to generate call summaries and analyze call sentiment analysis. The new capabilities will automatically surface marketing insights, flag conversations as positive, negative, or neutral, and identify frontline team performance trends and opportunities.

MarTech’s MarTechBot is the first ChatGPT-powered bot to be trained on the publication’s extensive, in-depth coverage of marketing technology. See it here.

WriteSonic has launched an AI-powered content generation platform.  including blog posts, press releases, social media posts, email templates, and more. Users enter the desired keywords and parameters, and WriteSonic’s AI algorithms will generate content for blog posts, press releases, social media posts, email templates and more.

Wondershare PDFelement has just released its latest version, V9.5, which includes a PDF AI robot to analyze, comprehend and summarize texts. Its functions include support for following instructions and receiving detailed responses instantly; rewriting text to make it more readable and concise; proofreading; creating content; providing explanations and definitions; writing code; and doing math.

Dash Hudson’s AI-powered Social Listening solution makes it possible to monitor videos and other visual content.

GetResponse’s AI Email Generator is an all-in-one email solution. Users enter information such as intent, occasion, and target audience and it generates all content needed for the email, including the copy, the subject line optimized for increased open rate, and the design, such as layouts, photos, and colors.

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