73% of marketers now using generative AI tools

Generative AI has taken marketing by storm: 73% of B2B and B2C marketing executives say their companies are using it to help create text, images, videos or other content, according to a new survey. 

Not holding out for long. Thirty-one percent of those not using it expect to do so within a year and 46% within two years, according to the report from Botco.AI.

Why we care. Artificial intelligence is not new to marketing technology. It’s been part of it for at least a decade. However, since OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT last December, generative AI/chatbots are everywhere in martech. So many AI-powered products, features and platforms are being released now that we started a weekly roundup.

Ford’s Model T transformed transportation by making cars affordable to an enormous part of the population. AI has reached its Model T moment and reached it in less than six months.

What it’s being used for. Two-thirds of those surveyed say they use it for brainstorming sessions, first drafts and outlines. Nearly half (49%) say they rely on AI to produce final content. More specifically:

  • Image creation 69%
  • Text creation 58%
  • Audio/voice 50%
  • Chatbots 37%
  • Coding 36%

B2B leads the way in using AI, with 78% having adopted it, compared to 65% of B2C companies.

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Why it’s not being used. Exactly half of those not using generative AI yet say its because of the team training required to use it effectively. Meanwhile, 45% cited the cost and 45% cited privacy and security concerns as obstacles.

What are they using. The most commonly used tools are:

  • ChatGPT 55%
  • Copy.ai 42%
  • Jasper.AI 36%
  • Peppertype.ai 29%
  • Lensa 28%
  • DALL-E 25%
  • Midjourney 24%

Methodology. Botco.AI surveyed 1,000 B2B and B2C marketing professionals in March. Three-quarters of them were from companies with 100 or more employees.

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