3 brands that have mastered the art and science of marketing by Emarsys

Much has been written about the challenges marketers are up against in 2023.

From economic volatility and growing technological complexity to changes in data privacy policies and exponential improvements in AI (yes, ChatGPT, we’re talking about you – again!), this year has been a heady mix of uncertainty and excitement.

This is especially true for marketers, who have had to course-correct on-the-fly, retro-fitting strategies and tactics to accommodate ever-shifting business goals.

If nothing else, this has forced marketers to rethink both the art and the science of the campaigns they plan, build and execute. 

Unpacking the art and science of marketing

The old adage that marketing comprises both science and art in equal measure still holds true. To better understand this, let’s first unpack what exactly we mean by “art” and “science.”

  • The art of marketing is essentially all about reaching customers, and creating brand experiences customers love. Think content, channels, creativity, and connection. 
  • The science of marketing can certainly involve creativity, but it’s primarily about the “how” and “why” of what you’re doing. That’s where science comes in. Think data, IT and technology, and measuring revenue impact.

Brands that have perfected the blend of art and science

When it comes to real-world success stories of brands that are effectively blending the art and science of marketing, the following brands stand out:

Reformation and the “text message heard around the world.”

Sustainable fashion brand Reformation harnessed the power of SMS to engage their mobile-first, Millennial and Gen Z audience while staying true to their brand voice.

By marrying provocative, deliberately non-promotional creative with smart targeting, the brand created the “text message heard around the world,” which achieved a 96% CTR and 963x total program ROI in just six months.

BrandAlley, advocacy data and supercharged growth

The cost of acquisition vs. retention is a conversation that’s become particularly relevant in the face of tightening marketing budgets and smaller teams. 

To bring down acquisition costs, BrandAlley (with the help of Mention Me) married advocacy data with personalized content to fuel customer loyalty campaigns that reward customers who generate revenue for BrandAlley via referrals. This is a powerful example of the art and science of marketing working hand-in-hand.

Ochsner Sport’s personalization journey

As Switzerland’s largest sporting goods retailer, Ochsner Sport has felt the pressure in recent years to up its personalization game. They achieved this by doing two important things – balancing the art of building a cross-functional personalization program with the science of using data-driven insights to unlock true customer centricity. 

Hear from these brands first-hand

SAP Emarsys will showcase these brands and many more at its Omnichannel Masterclass, which forms part of this year’s Power to the Marketer Festival.

See how leading brands and innovative marketers are elevating the art and science of marketing. 

Join the Festival

Power to the Marketer Omnichannel Masterclass June 7- 8

Day 1 is all about the art, and you’ll get insights on topics like:

  • Mastering SMS to reach new audiences
  • Perfecting customer loyalty to increase retention
  • Redefining the value exchange for better customer data

Day 2 is all about the science, and you’ll learn about:

  • How IT and marketing can drive CX innovation together
  • Leveraging data to drive customer referrals
  • Building a cross-functional personalization program

To join the omnichannel masterclass event or to learn more about speakers and topics, visit the event registration page.

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