Integrate launches app to capture lead data on the move

Demand generation and acceleration platform Integrate has announced the forthcoming launch of a new app, Mobile Connect, helping B2B marketers gather lead data on the move, especially at third-party events.

Mobile Connect, which will be available for download from iTunes and Android app stores in Q3, will ingest lead data by capturing images of badges or business cards. It will also be possible to transcribe lead information within the app.

The data can be passed, via the Integrate Demand Acceleration Platform, into CRM and marketing automation systems.

Why we care. With the return of events for B2B marketers, efficient collection of lead data is back on the agenda. It’s easy enough to capture data at your own events or your own booths by scanning badges. The Integrate app is intended to extend that capability to gathering lead data at any event and in any environment.

Other features. Integrate has also announced two other features:

  • Universal API. This will allow data to be sent to the Integrate platform from other sources such as customer apps and forms, promoting real-time capture of lead information and eliminating the need for manual transfer of information.
  • Display ads pacing dashboard. This is a dashboard that will give visibility into how often impressions are delivered and their impact on conversion rate. This will promote rapid reporting around the effect of ads on achieving campaign goals.

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