The latest in AI-powered marketing technology releases

Artificial intelligence (AI) is sprouting everywhere in marketing technology. While it has been a part of many products for some time, ChatGPT’s launch made the topic white-hot. As a result, more and more AI-powered solutions are being announced every day. Here is a roundup of actual AI-powered martech products, platforms and features announced this week. 

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Here is a roundup of actual AI-powered martech products, platforms and features announced this week. 

  • Automattic added an AI assistant for its content management system. Users can add an “AI Assistant” block to their content which will generate text based on prompts, change tonality, create structured lists and summaries, suggest titles and translate into 12 languages. It also integrates with all Jetpack-powered sites.
  • Phrasee’s Content Engine is a content assistant which combines the power of large language models with the company’s proprietary controlled natural language generation.
  • Aprimo’s AI Content Coach rewrites drafts and generates content variations by tone, language type, target audience and other factors unique to an organization. It can also train or retrain different GPT models on customers’ curated and varied collections of assets within their digital asset management system. Also, it can provide teams from sales to HR to customer success with quick answers about products and services.
  • Act-On Software’s Act-On AI Create can craft and refine emails, and put them and optional subject lines directly into marketers’ templates.
  • Conversica’s AI-powered Revenue Digital Assistants are now integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This lets users target and refine messages via email and SMS. Also,  Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization customers can use these assistants to deliver offers, product recommendations, and upsell or cross-sell campaigns in a human-like personalized two-way communication platform. 
  • AffinityX’s Chat to Conversion is a generative AI-powered tool designed to help businesses engage with customers and track conversions across multiple channels. integrations across multiple channels (Website, Facebook, voice, SMS and Google Business).
  • Kouo AI-powered emotion analytics technology provides insights into user interactions with products and the underlying emotions that drive their behavior. It enables product teams to make informed decisions about feature development, leading to tangible improvements in key business metrics.
  • The Trade Desk’s Kokai applies AI to programmatic ad buying. It can provide predictive clearing, which ensures traders make bids at the optimal level; scoring every ad impression based on relevance to the advertiser; upgrading measurement and forecasting; increasing resilience, even in the absence of identifiers; budget optimization; and KPI scoring.
  • NICE has added three new features to Enlighten, its AI-powered CX platform. Enlighten Copilot for employees provides users with accurate, brand-specific answers; Enlighten Autopilot for consumers is a chatbot; and Enlighten Actions for CX leaders which identifies optimal areas for automation and leverages.
  • Jasper’s Jasper Campaigns allows users to create a full campaign in minutes from a single brief. It enriches data models with company details and brand identity and generates a unified brand voice across multiple channels.
  • Rallio A.I. has added a content generation feature to its social media management platform.

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