TopRank Marketing Keynote in Paris: Human vs. Machine and The Future of Content for B2B Marketing

Next week, TopRank Marketing is going abroad. The first stop is in Paris for the BtoB Summit Paris 2023.

This is not our CEO Lee Odden‘s first time presenting in France, but it will be his first on a large stage there and we just hope he’s been brushing up on his French.

The BtoB Summit is a premier event within the industry and is the perfect conference for global B2B marketers looking to learn more about B2B marketing and strategies. The summit features expert-led sessions, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and workshops focusing on B2B content marketing, influencer marketing, and much more.

Lee is a featured keynote speaker and will be presenting on Human vs Machine: The Future of B2B Content Marketing:

The B2B content marketing world is at a crossroads: how do we balance artificial intelligence with authentic inspiration? Not since the advent of the internet itself has so much innovation (and hype) captured the attention of marketers as Generative AI. This keynote presentation explores how to navigate this landscape of the future by combining the power of Gen AI with the unique insights and emotional intelligence only humans can provide. Key takeaways will include:
  • Identifying opportunities for AI integration in your content marketing process
  • Tactics for maintaining authentic, relatable content in an AI-dominated landscape
  • Examples of successful human-machine collaboration in B2B content marketing

The BtoB Summit provides an excellent opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with industry leaders, discuss best practices and strategies, and gain valuable insight into how to succeed in the increasingly competitive B2B space. Attendees are exposed to cutting-edge technologies and will learn about the latest trends in content creation, receive advice on how to leverage influencer marketing for business growth, and discover ways to increase visibility and engagement.

The summit will also feature round-table discussions that bring together B2B marketing leaders from around the globe to collaborate and share their experiences. This is a great opportunity for professionals to connect with other B2B markers, make meaningful connections, discuss the latest industry news and build valuable relations within the industry.

If you are in the region, there is still time to register and meet up with TopRank Marketing in person. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field of B2B marketing and take your business to new heights! The BtoB Summit Paris 2023 promises to be an event that you won’t soon forget.

And don’t forget to “Élever le marketing lors de cet excellent événement.”

BtoB Summit Paris 2023 Lee Odden keynote image

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