The latest AI-powered martech tools

Before we get to this week’s round-up of AI-powered martech, I thought I’d share the results of a consumer survey by infosec company Malwarebytes.

While you and I and everyone I know professionally are all about AI only 35% of those surveyed respondents agreed with the statement “I am familiar with ChatGPT,” and 50% disagreed.

Of those who said they were familiar with ChatGPT:

  • 12% agree the information produced by ChatGPT is accurate
  • 81% are concerned about possible security and safety risks
  • 63% distrust ChatGPT information
  • 51% question whether AI tools can improve internet safety
  • 52% want ChatGPT developments paused in order for regulations to catch up

An interesting snapshot of where public opinion stands right now. 

Dig deeper: AI and marketing: What the stats show

Now, on to the new products, features, integrations and enhancements. 

  • Mixpanel added OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo to its event analytics platform. The integration is designed to allow users to “chat with their data,” using natural language to query data. It also lets queries built by AI be reviewed so people can understand the source and accuracy of the report created, without the need to expose their proprietary data to the large language model (LLM).
  • Yext’s Yext Content brings AI to its headless content management system. In a refreshing moment of PR humility, the company says it “believes Yext Content is the first headless CMS built on a foundation of AI and knowledge graph technology.” Yext Content uses AI to improve automated data cleaning and content-generation workflows. The system houses both content and the taxonomy behind it, allowing organizations to structure content in the best format for AI. Its AI flywheel identifies opportunities for content based on customer interaction and journey data such as searches, chats and clicks. It then generates new content or updates existing content to fill in content gaps and provides them as suggestions for the content team to approve or edit prior to publishing.
  • Instoried’s is an AI-based video generation and analysis tool. It lets users analyze existing videos and quickly generate videos using natural language text prompts a la ChatGPT.  The video analysis tool lets users automatically tag animals, people, objects, and brands in lengthy videos. 
  • GiantCampaign is an AI-based email marketing platform. It analyzes customer behavior and preferences, allowing businesses to tailor their e-mail campaigns in a highly targeted and personalized manner. GiantCampaign’s smart suggestions and predictive modeling lets businesses optimize marketing efforts for maximum impact.
  • Mobiquity Technologies has enhanced its proprietary ElecTech and ElecAlytics platforms to take better advantage of the company’s AI engines. The enhancements utilize heuristic models and US districting data to facilitate superior ad curation. The AI engines of ElecTech and ElecAlytics can now leverage patterns and trends derived from historical data, offering businesses an opportunity to connect with their prospective customers more effectively.
  • Brightspot CMS integrated Open AI into its content management system. The integration is in the form of a content-generation system which will speed up creation and improve personalization for platform users.

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