Basis announces integrations to boost digital out-of-home capabilities

Basis Technologies, the automated digital advertising platform and provider of workflow automation and business intelligence software, has announced integrations with Vistar Media and Place Exchange to enhance its DOOH advertising capabilities.

DOOH is one of a range of channels across which Basis users can buy inventory and execute campaigns.

Basis and Vistar Media. Basis is integrating its DSP with Vistar’s SSP to give users access to digital media suitable for billboards, street furniture, transit screens, and other place-based screens. Vistar incorporates targeting capabilities for DOOH including location, time of day and type of venue.

Marketers running DOOH campaigns alongside campaigns in other channels will be able to use Basis to compare DOOH impact with impact of direct advertising, CTV, social, and search.

Basis and Place Exchange. The integration with Place Exchange’s SSP will allow Basis users to access digital screens access digital screens in places such as airports, gas and charging stations, grocery stores, gyms, malls and retail stores, movie theaters, billboards, taxi and rideshare vehicles, and transit hubs.

Why we care. Note the trend away from siloed OOH advertising campaigns. The world in which static billboard advertising ran in parallel with, but separate from dynamic digital advertising is a world that will soon be a distant memory. The brick and mortar world is rapidly becoming a fully connected, digitized world.

Not to say we’re living in the matrix yet, but expect to see an increasingly seamless customer experience extending from digital devices to the environment around you.

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