Universal Analytics is still functional for most users

Despite warning advertisers that the tool would be replaced by Google Analytics 4 on July 1, UA is still processing data as usual for most people.

Why we care. Marketers were reluctant to make the switch from UA to GA4, despite Google insisting it was enforcing the migration. Although the industry was given more than a year’s notice, many were not prepared for the sunset deadline and have been struggling to understand how to navigate GA4. With that in mind, it’ll come as a reassurance that UA is still processing data — but it’s unlikely to be for much longer.

What’s happening? While it appears that the majority of marketers are still able to access real time data as usual in UA, some have reported seeing new warning messages on their accounts:

  • “This property is scheduled to stop processing data very soon.”
  • “Any conversions and audiences you use with Google Ad campaigns will stop working.”
  • “To avoid serious disruption to your ads, book a free support session to to complete your move to Google Analytics 4 today.”

Some marketers have confirmed, however, that UA has already stopped processing data on their accounts. James Brockbank, managing director of Digitaloft, told us: “I can still see realtime for this UA property but it’s no longer tracking data as of today. This has been showing as 0 (same across a few different sites’ properties) since midnight in the properties’ time zone. Was all showing up to today.”

For those still using UA as opposed to GA4, it looks as though their accounts may very well be on borrowed time.

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What has Google said? On July 1, Google released a statement on  Twitter  to explain why some people may still have access to their UA data:

Timeline. The shutdown of Universal Analytics is being rolled out the following stages, with the final phase set for July 2023:

  • March 2023: Google automatically created a GA4 property for marketers who didn’t opt out of the automatic property creation option. Where possible, existing site tags were used.
  • July 2023: UA stops processing hits, including standard properties in accounts that also contain 360 properties. Marketers still have access to previously processed data in their UA property until July 2024.
  • July 2024: All marketers, even those with 360 properties, will no longer have access to the UA user interface and API.

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