This week’s roundup of the latest AI martech products and news

So much is happening when it comes to artificial intelligence and marketing technology that it’s a struggle to keep up with it all. To help you here’s our roundup of the AI martech products, platforms, features and related news from the past week.


  • Tidio’s Lyro is an AI chatbot built for small and medium businesses. Lyro is designed to provide hyper-personalized customer support like a human agent would, but without hiring costs. A free version is available and subscriptions start at $25 a month.
  • Spiff’s Spiff Assistant is a generative AI feature that makes “it easier for customers to self-manage on the Spiff platform by helping them understand and build plans, design and optimize workflows, predict commissions, attainment, and attrition, and provide insights on how commission plans are performing and driving behavior.”
  • Mercury Analytics, a research platform, now has MercuryAI driven by OpenAI. The new feature summarizes open-end verbatim responses, focus group data, and in-depth interviews (IDIs) in a variety of ways. It provides insights into qualitative data, revealing emotions, themes, and audience perceptions. MercuryAI can also automatically code open-end responses.
  • AnyRoad, an experiential marketing platform, now has Pinpoint, an AI-powered feedback assistant. It provides insights into what drives positive and negative brand experiences and suggests actions to improve impact and ROI. Pinpoint does this via text analysis; feedback summaries ranked and flagged for urgency; and filtering results by date, experience and type to quickly review customer feedback and respond to customers.
  • Taboola added several new generative AI features. They include the ability to generate content and copy for ad creative, such as titles, images and headlines; creating variations of campaigns to appeal to multiple audiences; and suggesting and leveraging best practices learned from campaigns on Taboola. 
  • Stability AI, which runs the image-generating model Stable Diffusion, launched Stable Doodle which turns sketches into  “visually pleasing” images. It’s available through ClipDrop.

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Business news

  • Google’s Bard has added more languages and privacy features. The generative AI bot can now operate in 43 additional languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese. The privacy features, requested by European Union regulators last month, give all users more prominent explanations and notifications about how it uses their data and includes a central hub where users can opt out of that use. The company also made Bard accessible across much of Europe and in Brazil.
  • Sampler, a shopper promotions and insights platform, bought AdMass, an AI-powered SaaS platform that enables brands and agencies to create data-driven user-generated content promotions.
  • Shutterstock signed a licensing agreement with OpenAI and is providing indemnification for the license and use of Shutterstock images to its largest customers. The agreement with OpenAI allows the company to train its generative AI bot on Shutterstock’s image, video and music libraries and associated metadata. Shutterstock will also provide Enterprise customers with full indemnification for the license and use of generative AI images on its platform. 

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