13 enterprise-capable GA4 alternatives

With Google Analytics 4 (GA4) getting decidedly mixed reviews (see here, here, here and here for details), it may be time to consider using a different program. For startups and small companies, we’ve already put together a list of 15 low-cost alternatives to GA4. Today we are looking at digital analytics systems for large businesses. 

This is an alphabetical list of well-known web analytics systems with enterprise-level capabilities. Unless otherwise noted, you must contact the company for enterprise pricing.

  • Adobe Analytics is often called the gold standard of analytics platforms, a reference to both its capabilities and its price. Core features include advanced segmentation with automated insights, traffic flow analysis with visualizations, ad hoc analysis for personalizable data tables and metrics that track web traffic sources, site content and user engagement. It is designed and priced for very large organizations.
  • Amplitude is a product analytics platform that maps user data across devices, platforms and channels using various identifiers like phone numbers, emails and internal CRM IDs to a single profile of one user. Its identity resolution capabilities track the user’s journey through acquisition, activation, retention and more. Amplitude also supports sales account tracking and other aggregations. 
  • AT Internet provides insights into website traffic, user behavior and conversion rates. The platform’s contextual data capabilities allow publishers to understand how users interact with their content in real-time. Its data exploration capabilities and scalability are aimed at enterprise-level organizations. This information can be used to personalize content recommendations, target advertising, and improve the overall user experience. 
  • Clicky is a privacy-friendly analytics tool often preferred as an alternative to Google Analytics due to its ease of use and straightforward installation. The tool is known for its real-time traffic analytics and heatmap tracking, which allows you to visualize the user’s journey on your site. It also offers backlink analysis and mobile compatibility. 
  • Countly is a privacy-focused, real-time web and app analytics platform. It allows you to customize reports and dashboards and provides advanced segmentation, heatmaps and A/B testing. In addition to all that, it is easy to use out of the box. 
  • Fathom Analytics is a simple, yet powerful web analytics platform that provides you with many of the same features as Google Analytics, without the need for cookies or the storage of personal data, making it a privacy-friendly alternative to other analytics platforms. Subscriptions start at $140 per year (up to 200,000 monthly pageviews), ranging up to $740 per year (up to 2,000,000 monthly pageviews) and beyond. 
  • Heap is a product-focused digital insights and analytics tool designed to evaluate customer behavior at scale. Heap reports on traditional quantitative analytics, such as page views, events and engagement metrics. It also provides digital experience insights, such as heatmaps and session recordings. Heap automates data capture, which means event tracking is baked into the platform and requires minimal setup. 
  • Kissmetrics is a behavioral analytics tool designed for product and marketing teams. It associates all of a visitor’s data with a single person and detects when they visit your website from several devices or browsers. This makes conversion reports more accurate than in GA4 which assumes every visit is unique. Kissmetrics tracks full customer journeys and displays drop-offs along the way. Custom pricing for enterprise, its SMB price is $499 a month.
  • Mixpanel is a product analytics tool that evaluates how users interact with internet-based products. It provides real-time data on trends and user behavior. Mixpanel works on the web, mobile and other smart devices to give a broad view of customer behavior. It allows for intuitive segmenting, A/B testing, custom event tracking, and user behavior insights. Enterprise pricing starts at $833 a month.
  • Piwik PROs analytics suite combines powerful data analysis with robust tracking consent features. The suite’s core functionality is made up of three linked modules: Analytics, Tag Manager and Consent Manager. A fourth module, Customer Data Platform, is available to subscribers on a custom price plan. It has a very similar look and feel to Universal Analytics. The navigation and data visualizations look like a UA clone making it a good choice for UA users who don’t want to use GA4. 
  • Semrush is an SEO-focused, all-in-one marketing reporting software designed to optimize websites for better organic search traffic. It also shows how you stack up against your competitors, letting you make better data-driven decisions around what keywords to target for both organic search efforts and Google ad campaigns. Its features include keyword research; finding and fixing on-page SEO issues on your website; and backlink analysis. The enterprise subscription rate starts at $500 per month.
  • Snowplow Analytics is an open-source event data pipeline that helps you collect, store and analyze event data from your website or app. It can track user behavior, understand customer journeys and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It can also provide data enrichment and has a number of pre-built data analysis tools. Custom enterprise pricing.
  • Webtrends is a web analytics platform designed to meet the needs of large enterprises. It provides data-driven insights that you can use to make informed decisions about your website’s performance. Features include real-time data reporting, advanced segmentation and customizable dashboards. Pro pricing starts at $232 a month.

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