HubSpot’s June 2023 releases: The manager’s guide

HubSpot’s June releases include new tools for AI Content Assistant, reporting improvements, new HubSpot Payments and subscription features.  

Here are the updates relevant for managers: 

  • Content assistant in additional tools (beta)
    • Conversations Inbox
    • HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension for Gmail
    • Mobile AI sales email generation (iOS only)
    • Page title and meta description generation
    • Generate and edit content for blogs, websites, landing pages, knowledge base articles, and marketing email
    • Slash and highlight commands to use the Content Assistant
  • Payment releases
    • Payments checkout page included in Google Analytics
    • Subscriptions index page
    • Editable buyer contacts on subscription records
  • Reporting improvements
    • Step-level analytics and meeting rate reports for sequences (beta) 
    • Calculated property formula builder 
    • Customer journey reports include deal stages and meetings
    • Ad tracking for Linkedin Carousal Ads 
    • Mark a Quote as Signed
  • Global Privacy Control support (beta)
  • Round-robin rotation to book meetings for others (beta)
  • Copy and paste actions from one workflow to another
  • Spam submission tool for forms

More tools for AI Content Assistant (beta)

HubSpot’s AI Content Assistants generative AI capabilities have been enhanced to make content creation more efficient.  Content Assistance has been available for social media since May. The enhancements include: .

  • Generating responses to commonly-asked customer questions in the Conversations Inbox.
  • Applying generative AI to minimize typos when creating sales emails on mobile devices (iOS only). 
  • Generating personalized sales emails from within HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension for Gmail.
  • Creating SEO-optimized page titles, post titles, and meta descriptions for blogs, website pages, and landing pages. 
  • Generating outlines, introductions, and conclusions for blogs, websites, landing pages, knowledge base articles, and marketing email.
  • Getting suggestions on how to edit content to rewrite, expand, condense, or change the writing tone for blogs, websites, landing pages, knowledge base articles, and marketing email.
  • Using slash and highlight commands to quickly use the Content Assistant inside many HubSpot tools.

Watch videos about Content Assistant features in Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub.

Payments and Subscriptions releases

Better understand customer conversion and engagement to get a more complete view of the buyer’s journey now that Google Analytics accounts show data from the HubSpot payments checkout page.

Quickly find the right context and actions for recurring customers using the new Subscriptions index page. Previously, subscriptions were not easily accessible in one place, they were only viewable on the associated records.

Send subscription-related emails to the right buying contact for a company by using the new release to designate the buyer contact on a subscription record. This is especially useful if the point-of-contact for subscription payments changes frequently due to employee turnover. 

Reporting updates

You can now better understand how sequences are performing, how your sales team is executing sequences, and which sequence steps create booked meetings, using step-level analytics and the meeting rate report (beta).

To more accurately portray your customers’ unique actions, customer journey mapping reporting now includes meeting outcomes and sales stages. 

Gain deeper, customized insights into your reporting to make informed business decisions, by using the new advanced formula builder for calculated properties (beta).

Improve your reporting on return on ad spend by using the new release to track LinkedIn Carousel Ads within HubSpot (beta). These interactions with ads will appear on contact records in HubSpot and can also be used as a signal for a sales team member to email the contact. Previously, API limitations prevented tracking.

If you use a quote signature tool outside of HubSpot’s e-signatures, you can now report and filter on deal stages more accurately by manually changing the quote status to ‘Signed.’ Previously, this status was not editable. It required using HubSpot’s e-signature tool.

Improved Global Privacy Control (beta)

Make sure your website is compliant with the latest privacy law updates by using the new release in HubSpot to process Global Privacy Control actions from website visitors who have set their data sharing preferences in their browser or extension, so they do not need to click on individual website cookie banners. Global Privacy Control capabilities are required by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Colorado Privacy Act (CPA).

Round-robin rotation to book meetings for others (beta)

If your sales team members book meetings on behalf of other team members, they can now select a meeting rotation through round robin and know which rep is the next in line to receive a meeting. Previously, this required workarounds such as external tools or using the meeting link pages, which was not efficient and did not capture the same data for reporting on your team’s efforts. Watch a video to learn more.

Copy actions from one workflow to another 

Your team members can save time and reduce errors when recreating complex workflow actions by using the new release to copy and paste actions from one workflow to another.

Spam detection for form submissions

Achieve greater data hygiene by automatically moving potential spam submissions into their own area to review or take action in bulk. Form submissions that contain a URL in the name property will be put into this ‘holding tank’ before entering the CRM and creating records. The submissions will automatically be deleted after 90 days. 

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