The Mets, Red Sox, New York Times and more in this week’s martech AI roundup

The New York Times reports “Google is testing a product that uses artificial intelligence technology to produce news stories, pitching it to news organizations including The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal’s owner, News Corp.”

Google disagrees with that description, to put it mildly.  

For me, someone is truly a journalist if they can find a story in a Zoning Board Committee meeting and get all the names right when covering a four-alarm house fire at 3 am. I doubt AI will ever be able to pass these Turing tests.

Now, on to this week’s AI-powered marketing technology features, tools and platforms.

  • Satisfi Labs added the Context LLM Response System to its conversational AI platform. It integrates large language model capabilities to intent routing, answer generation and intent indexing. The company says it is already used by The New York Mets and Boston Red Sox and will soon be available to all the MLB teams. (Author’s note: The pairing of these teams creates a high likelihood of heartbreak in one of those cities.)
  • Wistia added four AI-powered tools to its B2B video marketing platform. Wistia Fetch is a search tool trained on Wistia data to provide answers on video marketing and production questions. Video Highlights identifies shareable moments from webinars, interviews and other long-form videos, then pre-edits the clips so marketers can generate promotional content to share on social media or their website. Auto Transcripts and Captionsincreases videos’ search and discovery results by injecting new automated transcripts into the video schema markup to improve SEO. Improved auto-caption capabilities help Wistia users meet accessibility standards. Event Descriptions enables users to generate event descriptions in seconds — in their company’s unique brand tone.
  • Brevo’s Brevo AI Assistant is a generative AI tool for the company’s CRM platform. It generates subject lines for email campaigns. Users can also select propositions (e.g., use humor, use power words, pose a question, etc.) to further refine the subject line. 
  • PhotoShelter’s AI Visual Search allows users of its AI-powered digital asset management (DAM) solution to search their brand’s entire library for assets based on visual descriptions. This removes any need to add metadata to assets.
  • Qualtrics’ XM/os2, the next generation of the company’s experience management (XM) platform, has added AI to several features. In Qualtrics FrontlineXM it enables support agents to resolve customer issues faster and with more empathy. AI in Qualtrics ExperienceID can generate personalized responses based on a customer’s profile data. This makes it possible quickly respond to customer feedback on review sites, social media and other channels in a way that takes into account a customer’s history with the company and the tone required for each situation. Real-Time Agent Assist summarizes relevant, real-time information during a service conversation into key points, providing prescriptive steps to take to solve the problem based on each caller’s needs, emotions and history with a company. Qualtrics Automated Call Summaries automatically summarize calls and enable agents to instantly generate support tickets, send personalized follow-up emails, and create support knowledge base articles. 
  • Pendo’s Pendo AI is a series of new innovations and a long-term roadmap to enhance its product experience platform. Users can now access a collection of AI-powered products that accelerate product discovery, drive product-led growth, and automate personalized in-app experiences at scale. These include one-click guides, instant summaries of qualitative user feedback and auto-generated customer expansion campaigns.
  • Yext’s added AI Generated Review Response to its digital experience platform. It creates contextually appropriate and brand-based responses by analyzing tone and sentiment of posts. 
  •’s AI Site Generator generates a complete website based on the user’s written prompt. The new site includes a homepage and all inner pages with text, images, and any business solution including stores, bookings, restaurants, events and more. It is integrated with Wix’s existing AI tools, including AI Assistant Tool for Managing your Business, AI Page and Section Creator, AI Text Creator, AI Template Text Creator and AI Domain Generator. Wix joins a number of vendors offering AI-powered website generation including Dora, Framer and Teleport.

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