AWS unveils AWS Entity Resolution

Amazon Web Services announced that AWS Entity Resolution, an identity resolution service, is open to general availability for organizations of all sizes. Partner integrations are also in the works with identity companies LiveRamp and TransUnion, as well as open-source identity solution Unified ID 2.0.

Best Western Hotels is among the first brands to use the service.

“We are excited to be one of the first customers to test this new service and to incorporate AWS Entity Resolution workflows into our Guest Profile process,” said Joseph W. Landucci, director of technology management at Best Western Hotels, in a release. “AWS Entity Resolution allows us to easily match and link these disparate records to create a 360-degree view of our customers, enabling us to deliver a more personalized guest experience at every touch point, across our portfolio of hotels around the globe.”

How it works. AWS Entity Resolution helps organizations match, link and analyze records stored across multiple applications, channels and data stores.

The AWS Entity Resolution customer uses the AWS Management Console to match and de-duplicate records with a flexible and configurable workflow that takes only minutes to execute.

The user can set up a rules-based configuration in the service to get precisely the kind of matching they’re looking for. For instance, an airline company can use the service to analyze and link customer interactions from separate sources across ticketing, customer support, airport lounges and elsewhere. Or a financial company can prevent fraud by matching transactions across a set of credit cards, debit cards and customer accounts.

Users can also set a higher threshold to obtain exact matches, or a lower threshold to match data across broader datasets.

AWS Entity Resolution customers also have the option of using preconfigured machine learning (ML) models to do the matching and analysis instead of configuring the rules for matching on their own. Using these ML models makes identity resolution easier for organizations who don’t have large data or development teams.

Pricing. Organizations using AWS Entity Resolution pay per record, allowing them to fit the service to their budget.

Why we care. The new AWS Entity Resolution service makes it feasible for organizations of all sizes and budgets to resolve identities and improve their customer experience.

Soon-to-come integrations with partners like Unified ID 2.0 will also add interoperability, making it easier for customers to enrich their records with common industry identifiers. This, in turn, makes it easier for brands and publishers — or any two data parties — to enrich their data in a privacy-compliant way via clean room.

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