Criteo to use image recognition to help connect online and offline channels

Commerce media platform Criteo has announced a partnership with U.K.-based mobile image recognition platform Phuzion Media. The partnership has the goal of connecting data from offline experiences with traditional media, such as catalogs and direct mail, with digital conversions.

“The Phuzion platform is the natural downstream extension to our media inventory management solution,” said Matt Hurle, co-founder of Brandcrush, a Critero company. “Together with Criteo, we handle the buying and selling of omnichannel retail media and Phuzion makes it shoppable and plugs the data gap. It’s a win for the retailer, brand, and consumer alike.”

No need for QR codes. The Phuzion solution does not rely on QR codes. It connects customers to the product they want to research or purchase using only the lens on their mobile phone. No changes to the hard copy creative are needed.

Phuzion already works with major British retailers including Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer and Very, integrating into retailer apps or via the mobile web.

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Why we care. Welcome to the ‘phygital’ world. That’s what some are already calling it. Tech vendors are finding more and more ways to link ecommerce experiences with brick-and-mortar interactions. Or in this case, print-and-paper.

This partnership means that retailers will be able (more than before, anyway) to connect engagement with magazines, display ads, catalogs and direct mail with online engagement and digital purchases. That should at least improve attribution with these offline sources and support better evaluation of media spend.

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