Martech investment declines, but AI companies thrive on funding

CabinetM has released its Q2 2023 MarTech Innovation Report, a quarterly summary of new technology introductions, feature updates and acquisitions.

Key findings. In Q2 2023, there were 128 new product announcements, an uptick from previous quarters driven partly by new AI tools.

Investment in martech companies was spread across 24 categories and decreased from $13.2 billion in Q1 2023 to $3.1 billion in Q2. These numbers are skewed by a single investment of $10 billion in ChatGPT in Q1 and $1.3 billion in Inflection AI in Q2. Not surprisingly, AI companies received most of the investment this quarter: $2.3 billion (75% of the total funding). 

Q2 2023 - martech investments

AI dominates martech. AI continues to dominate the industry and will most likely stay that way for a while. The potential AI has for martech innovation alone is still an exciting topic. Over the past three quarters, CabinetM has begun to track and catalog generative AI products and other categories and products that leverage AI. In Q2, there were 34 new AI tools announced. 

Q2 2023 - spotlight on AI

M&A activity. In Q2, we saw a significant downturn in M&A activity with 26 acquisitions, compared to 76 in Q2 2022 and 54 in Q2 2021. The number of acquisitions has decreased by almost 50% from the previous quarter, dropping from 40 in Q1 2023 to 26 this quarter. We will continue to watch this downturn over the coming quarters closely.

Q2 2023 - martech innovation report summary

The CabinetM Q2 2023 MarTech Innovation Report is not gated and downloading it will not result in a barrage of emails and phone calls. 

All CabinetM MarTech Innovation Reports can be accessed without a gate on LibraryM.

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