Round-up of this week’s AI-powered marketing technology releases

Before we get to this week’s round-up of AI-powered martech platforms, solutions and features, here’s an interesting survey about marketers and AI.

Even though marketers have doubts about its output and accuracy, 72% use AI tools at least once a month, according to a new survey. The survey by Basis Technologies was done in July 2023 and had more than 200 respondents from agencies, brands and publishers.

Other findings: 

  • 52% use the technology for content creation, despite 70% saying the AI-generated stuff isn’t as good as human-made. 
  • 49% use generative AI tools at least once a week; 11% daily.
  • 80% say AI will make them either moderately or significantly more efficient at their jobs within the next five years; that’s compared to 52% of C-Suite and VP-level execs and 34.7% of entry-to-mid-level employees.
  • 55% think consumers will find a brand less authentic if it uses AI-generated content in marketing or advertising.
  • 10% say their organization has replaced human tasks with AI solutions in the last 12 months.
  • 48.5% believe AI will lead to substantial job losses in their industry within the next 3 to 5 years.
  • Strikingly, 99.5% say AI poses a brand safety and misinformation risk. 

Dig deeper: The pitfalls and practical realities of using generative AI in your analytics workflow

And here’s this week’s round-up:

  • Constructor’s Attribute Enrichment improves online product catalog quality using deep learning and machine vision. It combines raw product catalog data with buyers’ behavioral clickstream data across touchpoints — correcting and auto-enriching product attributes to help buyers discover items of interest and improve personalization across the customer journey.
  • Enji CO.’s new generative copywriting tool is designed to let small businesses ensure all marketing content is written in brand voice and tone. Users can either copy and paste a copy sample into the tool to create a brand voice or follow proprietary Enji prompts to develop a voice and tone that fits their business. The tool then uses the brand voice in the copy. The voice can be adjusted for tone and style based on the customer persona they are writing for.
  • KnowledgeLake is using its Intuitive AI for both the enterprise content management platform and KnowledgeLake StreamLine Solutions solution. This suite of solutions features a workflow engine to build workflows tailored to specific needs; a customer experience portal that lets customers complete tasks like uploading documents or answering questions; the Instant Pro-Form lets organizations quickly build forms and customize them according to their desired look and feel.
  • Loop Media, a streaming television media company for businesses, has added AI-Powered Brand Safety Layer to all clients and partners. It operates with any demand-side platform (DSP) and can analyze speech, detect unsuitable content, and identify competitive keywords in advertisements streamed on Loop TV. 
  • Power Digital’s nova Intelligence takes information from a brand’s website, media activities and CRM and uses it in three modules. nova Forecasts predicts revenue trends, across various data points; nova Cohorts identifies the quickest win audiences; and nova Customer Insights identifies valuable/invaluable customers, providing insight into their behaviors, preferences and industry trends. 

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