Threads vs Twitter – What Does The Battle Mean for B2B Marketers?

We all remember when Twitter first burst onto the scene 16 years ago. If you are like me, you probably remember your first tweet and the excitement after your post was retweeted for the first time! Twitter allowed us to join a global conversation with just 140 characters and quickly gained millions of users around the world.

Fast forward to last week when a new kid moved in on the social media block. The new dynamic platform, Threads, is quickly gaining users and being hailed as one of the fastest-growing social networks. With its ability to engage in live conversations using photo, video, audio, emojis and other multimedia content, Threads has already become a go-to choice for B2B tech marketers looking for fresh content ideas. Threads made headlines with its record-breaking user growth, attracting a staggering 30 million users within 24 hours.

But how will this emerging platform affect Twitter’s stronghold as a reigning social media leader? Read more to find out what it could mean for all of us B2B marketers.

Threads vs Twitter

In today’s digital age, it’s crucial for B2B marketers to stay on top of the latest news and trends emerging in social media, and that includes the different platforms that are available. Enter Threads…

Meta describes Threads as a ‘text-based conversation app’ where ‘communities converge’ and presents an interface that is very similar to Twitter. So similar in fact, you may forget you are on a brand new app, but Business Today shared five key differences between the two platforms:

Key Differences Between Twitter and Threads:

  • Availability: Twitter is available as both a website and an app on Android and iOS, while Threads is exclusively available as a mobile app on iOS and Android. Threads does not currently have a website version.
  • Account Sync: Twitter allows various login options like email, phone number, or username. Threads, on the other hand, is synced with Instagram, meaning users can only log in to Threads using their Instagram account and vice versa. Deleting Threads requires deleting the associated Instagram account.
  • Price & Verification: Twitter offers a verification subscription program called Twitter Blue, which includes benefits like additional word count, no ads, and a blue tick verification badge. Instagram also offers verification services but does not provide additional benefits. Both platforms charge a similar monthly fee for their verification services.
  • Multimedia Posts: Both platforms allow users to post website links, videos, images, and GIFs. However, Threads requires saving a GIF to the camera roll before posting it, while Twitter allows direct GIF posting. Threads also allows users to share up to 10 items (images/videos) in a single post, while Twitter has a limit of four items per tweet.
  • Text Limit & Feed Curation: Twitter has evolved from its 140-character limit to now having no text limit, especially for Twitter Blue subscribers. Threads has a maximum character limit of 500. Threads lacks in-app messaging, which Twitter provides. Additionally, Threads does not support searching for hashtags or content other than usernames and accounts. Threads’ feed displays posts from everyone, regardless of whether the user follows them or not, while Twitter offers curated feeds based on user preferences and following.

Threads comparison chart image

With any emerging platform or technology, only time will tell, but if the first weeks of launch tell us anything, Threads is a strong and intriguing contender to take down Twitter for a couple reasons:

  • The Threads interface is very similar to Twitter providing ease-of-use to new users to transition over quickly and easily start engaging with their personal and professional communities.
  • Meta’s decision to integrate Threads with Instagram is a strategic move that benefits users who already have an established Instagram audience. Unlike other alternatives like Mastodon, which would require users to build a follower base from scratch, the integration allows Instagram users to seamlessly transition to Threads without starting from square one.
  • “Threads presents more than just a new platform; it offers opportunities to innovate and evolve the B2B marketing landscape. Threads brings the ability to foster community engagement. By actively participating in relevant conversations, businesses can not only stay connected with their target audiences but also gain insights into emerging trends.” (Lead Forensics)

Wherever this battle is going, we are excited to be in the front row seats. As we lean in and learn more, our team will keep sharing insights on how to best leverage Threads (and other upcoming competitors).

If you’re looking for a partner to help guide you through B2B marketing content and channel selection, connect with our team and check out our B2B marketing solutions to see how we can elevate B2B marketing together!

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