These are the best marketers in the world

Want to work with the best marketers in the world? Can you imagine what you would be able to accomplish with their skills?

Good news. You don’t have to imagine. The best marketers in the world are available and eager to work with you.

I’m talking about creators.

Creators are the most proficient, passionate and productive marketers, bar none. They’re strategic thinkers who execute quickly with unmatched quality. And they know the biggest secret of all marketing — how to get and keep attention.

They’re different from influencers, who are trying to build a personal brand based on their personality and lifestyle. Creators are producing creative content aimed at entertaining, educating and inspiring a wider audience.

Creators create. And they’re the best in the world at it.

Let me give you some examples.

The world’s best marketers

MrBeast is the biggest YouTuber in the world, with over 171 million subscribers. Compare that to the 113.06 million people who tuned in to watch the Super Bowl, according to Nielsen.

Or Mark Rober, a science YouTuber with 24 million subscribers who launched a subscription box company for his audience.

And the world’s greatest freestyle artist, Harry Mack, with 2.56 million subscribers, is recognized by his fans on the streets no matter where he goes.

Each of these creators has perfected the art and science of building a loyal audience and racking up massive attention.

Brands should study the top creators, partner with them and perhaps even consider hiring them.

The skills you wish you had

You might think creators have a limited skill set, but in reality, they have mastered a wide range of important marketing tactics.

Creating a hit YouTube video, for example, requires:

  • Developing a powerful concept and idea.
  • Writing an irresistible title.
  • Creating a scroll-stopping thumbnail.
  • Outlining a clear and compelling script.
  • Having a powerful presence on camera.
  • Flawless video editing to maintain viewer retention.
  • Social media and email marketing promotion.
  • Community engagement in the comments.

These are distinct skills, many of which most marketers don’t have any experience in. Creators, however, are well-versed in each of these, producing top-notch content daily and doing it repeatedly.

Most marketing jobs outline specific requirements, but the ideal candidate is someone with a diverse skill set who can contribute where necessary. Creators can do far more than most marketers simply out of necessity.

In addition, having the context of the entire process and experience at every stage — from concept through hitting publish — is critically important. Many marketing teams operate in silos and never gain perspective on what it takes or what to consider when producing a completed piece of content.

The speed you need

Being able to think fast and execute faster is the holy grail in marketing. Nothing matters until the content or creative reaches the customer and creators can go from idea to feedback faster than anyone.

Creators move fast because they have to. Many creators publish daily, and some even publish multiple times a day.

After all, speed isn’t a competitive advantage in marketing; it’s a necessity.

Creators have no time to self-edit, overthink and have endless meetings about what font to use. Time is money and every second counts.

Creators can publish several in-depth, high-quality, engaging pieces of content, while it takes your marketing team to publish just one. Clearly, there’s something we can learn from studying creators — or working with them.

Working with creators to scale your marketing

If you want to work with creators, there are a few ways to consider. Sponsoring one of their videos is the simplest way to partner with a creator. You see this all the time and with varying degrees of brand integration. You pay the creator, and they find a way to tie their content to your brand, product, or service.

But there are other ways to work with creators you may not have considered. Hiring a creator to consult, advise, or train your team is a guaranteed ROI. You can learn from their behind-the-scenes process, gain a fresh perspective on your own content production and get specific strategies and tactics your team can adopt immediately.

Many creators are open and eager to share their knowledge with brands but often don’t advertise these services publicly. Find some creators you admire and respect, even if they are in a shoulder niche and contact them to see if they are open to the idea.

Or, if your brand is ready to take a huge leap forward, consider hiring a creator or acquiring their brand. More and more creators are being acquired, and it’s a win-win deal for both parties. The brand gets a content powerhouse with a massive and loyal audience, and the creator gets the support and resources they need at a more sustainable pace.

If you’re really lucky, you can find an up-and-coming creator who is on the rise and either hire them or acquire them in the early stages. No matter how you choose to work with creators, whether it’s sponsoring, consulting, hiring, or acquiring, they can bring you the audience you want and create long-term value for your brand.

The audience you want

Every creator has a different size of audience, but each of their audiences has one thing in common: loyalty to the creator.

One of the best things about working with creators is knowing their audience will be excited and engaged to consume every content they produce.

After all, the creator has spent all their energy and lots of time understanding and catering to their audience and maximizing attention and retention.

This makes working with creators much more valuable than other channels or partnerships. The creator can integrate your brand and message more seamlessly and deliver it in a way that resonates with their audience. 

The result? Much higher engagement rates and increased perception of your brand.

The longevity you’ll love

Working with creators is an investment that pays dividends over the long term. The content they create will continue to be consumed over time, generating a constant stream of awareness and engagement for your brand long after it is published.

This type of content also has more replay value than UGC content or influencer posts, so you can continue to squeeze lots of value from it for a while.

Plus, these assets can be teased out, promoted for a while in advance of publication and promoted even more after they are published.

Working with creators isn’t a short-term tactic  —  it’s an opportunity to build valuable partnerships and brand recognition over an extended period of time.

Level up your marketing with creators

Any brand that wants to level up its marketing should look first to creators. At a minimum, we should be learning from them. How they think strategically, move quickly and have mastered the art of building and maintaining a loyal audience. Follow and watch popular creators and pay close attention to what they do and how they do it.

Jump at the opportunity to partner with creators because leveraging their talents and gaining access to their audience can be invaluable. And the long-term value you can gain is immeasurable.

And if you’re really forward-thinking and ready to embrace the future of marketing, find creators you can hire or acquire to become an unstoppable force. Creators have redefined what marketing looks like and how it’s done. If you want to work with the best marketers in the world, start with creators.

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