Who champions martech replacements?

The results of the 2023 MarTech Replacement survey are in.

In addition to the now predictable first place for marketing automation among solutions replaced — and cost now holding a close second place among reasons for replacements — we saw an interesting development in who advocates for replacements.

Not a simple picture. Of course, we recognize that in real life there are likely to be many seats at the table for discussions of expensive software investments. As likely as not, we are talking about buying teams rather than one champion voice.

Nevertheless, whereas in previous years respondents self-identifying as executive management were calling the shots, we now see marketers and marketing technologists leading the way.

Admittedly, that result comes if you combine the numbers for marketing managers, marketers and marketing operations professionals: 62% in total.

It’s striking that IT seems to have so little input — but it has to be said that this is a survey taken by MarTech readers and that might mean IT is under-represented in the survey sample.

Why we care. The martech space gets ever larger and more complex. Understanding not only what’s in the martech stack and why, but also how it aligns with workflows, data flows and processes, isn’t easy. Does executive management have time to spare for granular analysis of martech needs?

2023 MarTech Replacement Survey Results

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