Relo Metrics boosts sponsorship measurement with VideoAmp viewership data

Sponsorship analytics platform Relo Metrics (formerly GumGum Sports) will be adding viewership data from ad measurement company VideoAmp to deliver better measurement of brand exposure during live events.

Relo Metrics uses visual AI models to detect logos at live sports events that are seen by fans on broadcast and streaming video, as well as shared on social media. By tracking this exposure, the platform calculates the ROI for sponsors who have logos on team uniforms or on and around the playing field. Relo Metrics currently supports about 55% of North American tier one and tier sports leagues, including MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS.

VideoAmp joins Set-Top Box and smart TV data, along with other data inputs, to measure audiences across platforms. Their dataset includes 39 million households and 63 million devices, which adds scope to Relo Metrics’ reporting.

“We’re creating a new measure of value based on highly accurate content viewing metrics along with demographic attributes allowing us to present exposure value in terms of impressions, which is critical as the viewership continues to grow while fragmenting,” said Jay Prasad, CEO at Relo Metrics, in a release. “Being able to now value exposure in terms of household impressions is critical for accurate measurement.”

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Why we care. The new partnership expands the measurement of impressions derived from live sponsorships, allowing marketers to gain a better understanding of the impact of sponsorships versus advertising. If a big play happens, and your brand appears on an athlete’s jersey in numerous highlights across the country, your marketing team would want to know about it and be able to measure the reach.

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