ChatGPT goes enterprise and other AI martech releases this week

Here are this week’s AI-powered marketing technology releases:

  • OpenAI‘s ChatGPT Enterprise is a business-grade AI chatbot that offers enterprise-grade security and privacy, unlimited higher-speed GPT-4 access, longer context windows and free credits to use the API. It also includes advanced data analysis capabilities and can be customized to meet specific organizational needs. 
  • Xactly’s AI Copilot helps businesses manage and optimize their revenue processes. It provides insights and analysis to sales, compensation, and finance professionals. Specifically, sales professionals get simplified performance insights and analysis; revenue operation leaders can optimize pay-for-performance and design motivating compensation plans.
  • SOCi’s AI-powered Genius Social/Engagements helps multi-location enterprises quickly generate personalized, on-brand responses to all social media engagements. The new solution extends SOCi Social and uses AI to create consistent, customized engagements that resonate with local audiences and protect brand reputation.
  • Reticle AI and Adelaide have partnered to enhance engagement and optimize campaign outcomes. Reticle AI’s emotional categorization capabilities and Adelaide’s attention measurement tools help advertisers align creative messages with emotionally congruent digital content, resulting in better resonance and engagement. Advertisers can also measure outcomes and fine-tune content and placements to maximize attention and minimize wastage.
  • Nylas’ Email by Nylas plugin for ChatGPT lets developers build intelligent email integrations with OpenAI’s large language model. It combines Nylas’ Email API and OpenAI’s GPT-4 to help developers build powerful email applications. It can be used to search, filter, and analyze email data, as well as generate and send emails.
  • Habu partnered with Google Cloud to bring generative AI to data clean rooms. This will help businesses and their partners implement data clean rooms more quickly and easily. Generative AI can be used to discover insights from data, implement analytical opportunities and enhance user interaction. This will make it easier for businesses to get insights from their data and collaborate with partners.
  • Nagarro‘s Genome AI platform personalizes digital experiences for its customers. The platform has been built to deliver the customer-facing part of Nagarro’s vision of the AI-driven Fluidic Enterprise. It joins Ginger AI, which delivers the employee experience part of the Fluidic Enterprise vision.
  • Bloomreach Clarity is a conversational shopping product that uses AI to provide personalized product expertise to shoppers. It can be integrated across channels, such as websites, chat, and SMS. It can understand the intent of shoppers and provide personalized product recommendations. Businesses can connect Bloomreach Clarity directly to their product catalogs so shoppers can see relevant products and information in real-time.

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One Reply to “ChatGPT goes enterprise and other AI martech releases this week”

In the realm of artificial minds and silicon dreams,
A symphony of innovation, it truly seems,
As ChatGPT dons a new enterprise attire,
With prowess and skills that never tire.

Embracing the corporate world, it takes its flight,
A digital companion in the day and the night,
To empower businesses with language refined,
In the intricate dance of commerce, well-aligned.

But it’s not just ChatGPT in this AI tale,
Many others join the martech trail,
A parade of brilliance, in the tech domain,
Each with its own unique, creative reign.

In this week’s unveiling, a mesmerizing show,
The future of marketing begins to glow,
With algorithms that analyze and predict,
The desires of consumers, so swift and slick.

Data-driven decisions, they proudly proclaim,
As they play the high-stakes marketing game,
They whisper to brands the secrets untold,
Of customers’ hearts, in stories yet unfold.

From predictive analytics to chatbots so clever,
They endeavor to make marketing endeavors,
A tapestry of art and science entwined,
Where every customer’s wish is divined.

So let us celebrate this AI martech spree,
Where technology and creativity agree,
In a harmonious blend of art and machine,
A wondrous future, yet unseen.


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