New genAI marketing solution rolled out on Google Cloud

Aimed at accelerating the development and execution of creative marketing campaigns, GenAI Marketing Solution is a collaboration between Typeface, GrowthLoop and Google Cloud. Typeface is a generative AI-powered content creation solution. GrowthLoop (formerly Flywheel) is a segmentation, orchestration and measurement platform.

The new solution is intended to work with Google’s BigQuery and GenAI Foundation models to create an end-to-end campaign creation workflow.

The main capabilities. The unified GenAI Marketing Solution enables the following capabilities:

  • Customer profiling based on customer data from BigQuery’s set of ad, sales, consumer and product data.
  • Creation of audience segments by applying GrowthLoop natural language processing to BigQuery datasets.
  • Personalized content creation by applying Typeface’s genAI capabilities to the GrowthLoop-developed audience segments.
  • Performance monitoring using GrowthLoop’s ROI and A/B testing metrics.

Why we care. It’s all about the unified workflow. The need for speed and agility in today’s marketing is at odds with the need to shift from solution to solution — one tool for collecting and managing customer data, another for audience segmentation, another for generating creative content. Of course, there’s no magic wand to simply bring all that together, even using expensive, enterprise-targeted martech suites.

But it’s encouraging to see vendors with complementary solutions collaborating to create what is intended to be an end-to-end workflow based on a powerful cloud solution and its extensive datasets.

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Availability. The new solution is currently in private preview for BigQuery users. “Collectively, we’re addressing a fundamental challenge that enterprises have grappled with for years–the ability to consistently tell their stories and engage with customers with compelling content quickly,” said Abhay Paransis, founder and CEO of Typeface, in a release.

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Where creativity’s fires burn like a sage,
A strike of pens and actors takes its toll,
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The writers and actors, they march in unity,
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Their demands resounding, heard far and wide,
In the city of dreams, where stars do reside.

But can Martech, with its digital might,
Illuminate this dark and tumultuous night?
In the world of algorithms and data’s embrace,
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Martech, a companion, a guide, a friend,
But the magic of Hollywood, they must defend.

So as we watch this saga unfold,
In the land of legends, stories untold,
May Martech lend a helping hand,
But the soul of Hollywood, in hearts, must stand.

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