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Turning B2B to Being-2-Being: 5 Top Insights B2B Marketers Need To Know About Google’s AI Search Future

What will Google’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) search future look like, and will the search giant be able to make good on its goals of aligning its systems to principled human values? Google recently set forth plans to expand its […]

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What is Search Intent and Why Is It Fundamental to SEO?

When you googled “what is search intent,” you had the informational intention to seek out an answer to your question and learn more about a topic you’ve been hearing about. As you can see, we understood that intent and wrote […]

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Intent-Based Strategy is the Future of SEO

As any B2B company can attest, the most vexing type of problem is that which you have a solution for … you just don’t know how best to use it. B2B marketers face monumental challenges today, aiming to increase targeted […]

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