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Do Your Pages Talk TO Customers or AT Customers? Why the subtle shift in message makes all the difference

Successful businesses put their customers first. It is crucial that the messaging and design of your webpages show that you value your customers, and their satisfaction is your number one goal. In order to begin to build this trust, when […]

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Optimizing Tactics vs. Optimizing Strategy: How choosing the right approach can mean all the difference in your optimization efforts

Website optimization has two approaches — tactical and strategic. Improving your headline, providing good testimonials and changing form fields are examples of using a tactical approach to add value to your webpages. It is necessary but generally provides only incremental […]

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The Essential Messaging Component Most Ecommerce Sites Miss and Why It’s Deterring Your Customers from Purchasing

In today’s Quick Win Clinic, Flint McGlaughlin looks at the home and product pages for Worthington Direct, an online furniture store for businesses and schools. It is obvious that everything on this site is designed to help visitors find the […]

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Beware of the Power of Brand: How a powerful brand can obscure the (urgent) need for optimization

We’ve all been there before. You go online to order something from a well-known brand but can’t figure out how to navigate the site. You push through, even though you want to click away, because you know they have a […]

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Page Layout Optimization: A common mistake marketers and web designers make, and how to avoid it

Let’s suppose you have been perusing our website for a while now and have been educating yourself on landing page optimization. You are in the process of revamping a webpage and feel like you have arrived at a good value […]

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Form Optimization: The importance of communicating value before making the “ask”

If you want to maximize your revenue, it’s not enough to optimize your landing page; you should ensure form pages reinforce your value proposition, minimize unnecessary friction and alleviate customer anxiety. Pay attention to your PPC ad links. Do they […]

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