Marketers Stand Together: 3 powerful ways your marketing can combat coronavirus COVID-19’s impact

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COVID-19 has triggered fear and uncertainty across the globe. This global pandemic has caused stock markets to fall, business and leisure travel to drop, and consumers to engage in panicked buying of everything from hand sanitizer to toilet paper.

In the news, we’ve seen how the CDC and global health officials are responding. But, as a marketer, what is your role? What can you do for your company, your brand, your family, and others who are suffering and scared in the world around us?

In this special response to the current emergency, Flint McGlaughlin held a YouTube Live to help bring like-minded marketers together and discuss:

  • The unique power we have as marketers
  • How to stretch budget, lower cost per acquisition (CPA), and produce results when everything else has been cut
  • How to interpret our current product offerings in this new environment and find the opportunity

Key points in the video:

  • 3:46 The success of your marketing messaging can be compared to these two stories in the news stories: A successful corn field wedding proposal and an unsuccessful first date
  • 10:29 Marketing is an elemental force that impacts the entire world.
  • 12:19 How the president of Russia uses careful marketing messaging to gain power.
  • 15:24 Marketers can use messaging to help others during this world crisis.
  • 20:28 NetSuite ads case study illustrates how conversion optimization can lower CPA, produce results, and widen margins. The same can be applied to help a struggling business.
  • 28:37 The essence of marketing is the message; the essence of the message is your value proposition.
  • 29:57 How you can re-apply your value proposition in a new context to help serve the customer through this difficult time.
  • 37:51 How Chipotle is doing this right now:…

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