Submit your session ideas for The MarTech Conference in September!

The MarTech Conference returns online September 26-27, 2023. This time we’ll be focusing on getting the most out of martech.

We like to say, MarTech is marketing. What that means is simply that today’s marketing is data-informed, largely digital and relies on the support of a marketing technology stack — whether small and simple or large and complex.

It relies on people too, the people that understand the technology and can blend that understanding seamlessly with strategic decision-making. 

At The MarTech Conference we’ll discuss pertinent issues facing marketing now such as how to design your martech stack, how to make strategic marketing decisions around technology, how to invest wisely in innovative technologies like generative AI and how to get the most of your team by building and managing effectively.

If you’ve had success implementing marketing strategy or technology and want to teach others what you’ve learned, we want to hear from you. Specifically, we’re looking for industry practitioners to lead sessions on the following topics:

  • Account based marketing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Customer data management
  • Customer journey orchestration
  • Digital asset management
  • Digital events
  • Digital experience
  • Email marketing
  • Identity resolution
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing performance management/analytics
  • Marketing work management

Whether you’ve been speaking for years or are new to the virtual stage and feel people can benefit from your experience, please consider submitting a session pitch. We’re always looking for new speakers with diverse points of view.

The deadline for session pitches is July 14th!

Your pitch is more likely to grab our attention if you:

  • Include details about what an attendee will be able to do better or different as a result of attending your session.
  • Are from a brand or can include a speaker from a brand company in your session
  • Have a case study or specific examples that can be applied in different organizations.
  • Provide tangible takeaways and a plan of action for attendees to implement what you teach.

Jump over to this page for more details on how to submit a session idea, or directly to this page to create your profile and submit a session pitch.

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