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Learn How to Crack The Code on ABM & Intent Data from Seagate and TechTarget – B2BMX

As a B2B marketer, we know that account-based marketing (ABM) and intent data are closely related in the sense that intent data is often used as a key input to […]

Tired Of Chasing Vanity Metrics? Drive Better Marketing Outcomes & More Sales! – B2BMX

          While reviewing metrics, it can sometimes be hard to identify the metrics that matter vs vanity metrics. Vanity metrics are metrics that may look impressive […]

That’s A Wrap – Top Take-Aways from B2BMX 2023

[one-sixth-first][/one-sixth-first][one-sixth][/one-sixth][one-sixth][/one-sixth][one-sixth][/one-sixth][one-sixth][/one-sixth][one-sixth][/one-sixth] B2B marketers are facing more and more challenges. We are asked to do more with less, cultivate human connection balanced with high-tech experiences, all with the threat of artificial […]


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