The Marketer as PhilosopherEpisode 1: Become a Force for the Good

UPDATE 8/6/2021: This video was part of the testing and
development process for MECLABS’ new, free conversion rate optimization course
set to be released in the Fall of 2021 – Become A Master At Creating And
Optimizing High-Converting Web Pages. Here is a quick excerpt – How to Create High-Converting Landing
Pages: Ask this important question

We have kept this video live because it still has helpful
content. And now, more about this video…

MarketingExperiments has launched a new YouTube show. The Marketer as Philosopher: Become a Force for the Good is meant to teach marketers how to improve your marketing skills while applying them to a worthy endeavor to benefit real people, right now.

Join us in the coming weeks as MECLABS CEO and Managing Director Flint McGlaughlin works through seven key tools to help struggling nonprofit Ten by Three®, an organization working to create a sustainable end to poverty in Bangladesh, Ghana, Madagascar, Uganda, Togo and Kenya.

  1. Data Pattern Analysis
  2. Value Prop Competitive Analysis
  3. Conversion Heuristic Analysis
  4. Certified Value Prop Codex
  5. Certified Hypothesis Development
  6. Conversion-Centric Wireframes
  7. Design of Experiments

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Learn more about nonprofit TenbyThree — 5 Marketing Lessons From a Unique Nonprofit That Sells Products (and why the world needs marketers today more than ever)

The Marketer as Philosopher, Episode 2: Using Data as a Force for the Good (plus get a free Data Pattern Analysis tool)


This transcript provided by GoTranscript (slightly edited by our team for clarity):

Flint McGlaughlin: Take a look at this product page. What is the number one change you’d make? How would you improve conversion? What is the highest priority?

Sales are down — dramatically. We’re going to refine our value proposition. The impact is profound. We’re going to optimize key pages. You get to come behind the curtain, and we’re going to discover high-performance traffic sources. In this new series, we’re going to work through seven key deliverables. This is a perfect opportunity to use your unique skills and to change lives.

How can an elephant, a classical pianist and an upright piano connect
with marketers? How can it connect with you? Stay with me. I’m going to
surprise you. I need to talk about three elements. The first is the elephant.
Now, I want to introduce you to a particular elephant. His name is [unintelligible
. He’s blind. He was brutalized in [unintelligible 00:01:14]
and he is 81 years of age. That’s the first element.

Now, I’m going to introduce you to the second. This is the pianist. The
pianist is named Paul Barton. He does not look like the Indiana Jones of animal
rescue. He can’t run an anti-poaching operation, he can’t administer medical
treatment, he can’t conduct biological research. Paul is a concert pianist.
He’s 57 years of age. He left his career in the ’90s and he’s dedicated his
life to helping these elephants. The question is how and the answer is magic.

This brings me to the third element, the moment Paul found that special moment where his skills and the elephants’ needs came together. Watch it with me. Its implications are profound. It is elegant. It is beautiful. It is inspiring. Paul is playing Clair de Lune. Marketers, you might look at this and say, “But what does it have to do with me?” I think it has everything to do with you and I.

We are in a global crisis and the world is focused on the heroic help
of caregivers and early responders. I’m thankful for them, but many of us as
marketers feel sidelined. We’re like a concert pianist in a national park. We
have skills, but they don’t seem relevant, and yet they can be. Indeed, the
whole point of this new series is to show you how you can make a difference and
to grow those skills, to learn together.

Take a look at this product page. What is the number one change you
would make? How would you improve conversion? What is the highest priority? In
this case, it is not an exaggeration to state that your answer could save
lives. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. We’re going to be
optimizing this page later and we want to hear from you. Your ideas matter, but
for now, let’s take a look at the big picture.

Indeed, we need to pan back. I have to share a model with you. You might think at first that it doesn’t connect with you, but it does. Just bear with me because with four images, I want to help you understand a remarkable opportunity. Here it is. First, the image is a warehouse. This is somewhere in St. Louis, Missouri. Notice the unsold inventory. Baskets. Second, you’re seeing a family in Ghana, Africa. Third, an ecommerce website. Fourth, a retail store.

Now, it’s how these four relate, it’s how these four come together that makes for a meaningful chance to impact lives. To help you understand that, I’m going to make four salient points. In your mind’s eye, see a village and it’s in an emerging economy. Most people here are living on an income of less than $2 a day. One day, a team from a not-for-profit, it’s a social enterprise called Ten by Three. They visit the village and offer to organize a small business that produces baskets. The workers are 80% female and they’re paid a prosperity wage, and that wage makes all the difference.

It transforms their life, it transforms their village, it transforms their micro-economy. The impact is profound. The baskets themselves are sold through an ecommerce website and across 250 retail outlets. You can start to see how it works. This is a unique not-for-profit that could actually completely support itself because the baskets meet a huge need in those countries and the retail of those baskets powers a continuous stream of income. The goal here isn’t simply to give people money, but it’s to give them the power to make money for themselves.

However, the COVID-19 crisis is threatening the survival of Ten by Three and the livelihood of its workers. Sales are down dramatically. This means a warehouse with too many baskets. This means families without work. Marketer, this is your chance to play the concert piano. This is where you can make a difference. This is a perfect opportunity to use your unique skills and to change lives.

We’re launching a new series. The whole point of this series is to take on projects like this, to bring marketers together and to solve impossible problems. We’re going to work with Theresa. We’re going to refine her value proposition. We’re going to optimize key pages and we’re going to discover high-performance traffic sources. You get to come behind the curtain. Watch us do it. Work with us, participate and learn. I’m asking you to do two things, learn and help.

In this new series, we’re going to work through seven key deliverables. These same deliverables can be used to transform your business or transform your client’s business. As you participate, you help Theresa and you help organizations and people that matter in your life. This is your chance. This is my chance. This is our chance. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can learn, we can grow.

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