Are you getting the most from your stack? Take the 2023 MarTech Replacement Survey

Under budget constraints but also under pressure to generate growth, marketing and marketing ops leaders have been taking a close look at the ROI on martech solutions. We want to know what conclusions you have been reaching. Have you been consolidating your existing stack? Have you been gambling on promising new tools? Are you perhaps reducing your tech holdings?

The need for better features. The 2022 survey showed solutions being replaced in a quest for better features, in particular:

  • Better integrations/open API.
  • Improved data capabilities.
  • Ability to measure ROI.
  • Better customer experience.

Those were all higher on the list than cost. What, if anything, has changed? We’re in a very different place than we were just a year ago. The world opened for business again. Many people returned to the workplace. It was no longer necessary to do almost everything — from shopping to hanging out with friends — digitally.

That doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned our multi-faceted digital environments. We discovered that many virtual experiences worked just fine. There was, however, something of a deceleration in digital transformation (after the insane acceleration of 2020), arguably leading to the retrenchment we saw in a number of marketing tech companies that had perhaps grown too fast.

Taking the temperature. Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, our hunch is that there’s still a thirst out there for innovation, for tech-enhanced efficiency, and for better-supported data-based decision making. After all, marketers have hardly hesitated to get their hands on generative AI.

But we need data too so see whether our hunch is right. So please take about three minutes or so to complete our Replacement Survey and let us know how your martech world is evolving.

The 2023 MarTech Replacement Survey is here.

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