MarTech’s GA4 experts to follow

Whether you love Google Analytics 4 or hate it, GA4 is the replacement for Universal Analytics and that makes it the most widely used analysis tool on the web. Here’s an alphabetical list of the experts you must follow if you want to get the most out of it and stay sane.

Simo Ahava

Simo is the creator and writer of the incredibly popular (1.3 million sessions in 2021, per Niche Pursuits) GA blog In addition to being a partner at 8-bit-sheep, a digital strategy network, he is co-founder and teaches at Simmer OY, an online learning platform, with courses and content designed for the technical marketer.

  • LinkedIn: Simo Ahava (24.8K followers)
  • X/Twitter: @simoahava (24.7K followers)
  • Blog:

Brie E Anderson

Brie is the founder and owner of Beast Analytics, an analytics solution provider. Her “origin story” is one of the coolest, beginning with punk rock, marketing and laser tag, going on to agency work and teaching at Wichita State Tech (Go Shockers!) before starting her own business. 

  • LinkedIn: Brie E Anderson (2.6K followers)
  • X/Twitter: @Brie_e_anderson (5K followers)
  • YouTube: @BrieEAnderson (1.5K subscribers)

Charles Farina

Charles is head of innovation for the ad services company AdSwerve and is always up on the latest GA4 developments.  He’s also a leading contributor around GA4 properties on Measure Slack and Twitter, but “mostly you will find him at an ice rink somewhere playing hockey.”

  • LinkedIn: CharlesFarina (14K followers) 
  • X/Twitter: @CharlesFarina (9.6K followers)
  • Blog:

Julius Fedorovicius

Julius launched his popular blog, Analytics Mania, in 2016, based on his years of experience with GA. Its popularity is due to his knowledge and the easy-to-follow articles and tutorials. He writes it for people “who are interested in digital analytics but do not know how to code.” He also runs the equally popular YouTube channel of the same name.

  • LinkedIn: Julius Fedorovicius (18K followers)
  • X/Twitter: @fedorovicius (7K followers)
  • YouTube: @AnalyticsMania (99K subscribers)
  • Blog:

Benjamin Mangold

Ben is co-founder of the Australian web analytics agency Loves Data, which is also the name of his influential blog. He’s the author of “Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics,” and was invited by Google to become a Google Certified Trainer for Google Analytics and Google AdWords (now Google Ads), making him the first such outside of the USA. 

  • LinkedIn: Benjamin Mangold (7.7K followers)
  • YouTube: @LovesData (89K subscribers)
  • X/Twitter @BenjaminMangold and @LovesData (7.7K followers)
  • Blog: 

Janet Driscoll Miller

Janet is president and CEO of Marketing Mojo, the digital marketing agency she founded in 2005. She is a renowned, award-winning speaker and writer on digital marketing. She is author of the e-book “Getting Started with Google Analytics: How to Set Up Google Analytics Correctly from the Beginning.” 

  • LinkedIn: JanetDriscollMiller (2.5K followers)
  • X/Twitter: @janetdmiller (5K followers)
  • Website:

Jeff Sauer

Jeff is the founder of Data Driven U and the author of the renowned blog Jeffalytics. He is an adjunct instructor at the University of St. Thomas and has developed a marketing curriculum used in several universities. He has also created multiple marketing certificate programs. Jeff is also a popular conference speaker and consultant.

  • LinkedIn: Jeff Sauer (11K followers)
  • YouTube: @DataDrivenU (10K followers)
  • X/Twitter: @jeffsauer and @jeffalytics (10K followers)
  • Blog: Jeffalytics

Krista Seiden 

Krista is a digital analytics consultant with an incredible background in the field. Previously, she was VP of product marketing & growth at Quantcast, and before that, she was a product manager and the analytics evangelist for the Google Analytics team. Krista is also an in-demand speaker.

  • LinkedIn: KristaSeiden (12.8K followers)
  • X/Twitter: @kristaseiden (21K followers)
  • Blog:

Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu is founder of Optimize Smart, a UK agency offering GA4 and GTM consulting and web analytics training. Optimize Smart is also the name of the blog about web analytics that he has been writing since 2011. Himanshu is also the author of the book “Master the Essentials of Email Marketing Analytics.”

  • LinkedIn: Himanshu Sharma  (36K followers)
  • X/Twitter: @analyticsnerd (5.5K followers)
  • YouTube: @OptimizeSmart160 (1K subscribers)
  • Blog:

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MarTech’s GA4 Experts Worth Following

In the ever-evolving landscape of Marketing Technology (MarTech), staying updated and informed about the latest tools and strategies is paramount. One of the most crucial tools in the MarTech arsenal is Google Analytics 4 (GA4). To help you navigate this dynamic field, here are some GA4 experts from the UK whose insights are worth following:

1. Aiden Carroll – @AidenGA4Pro
Aiden Carroll is a GA4 enthusiast known for his in-depth understanding of Google Analytics 4. He frequently shares valuable insights and tips on Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow him to stay updated on GA4’s latest features and best practices.

2. Sophie Ellis – @SophieMarTechGuru
Sophie Ellis is a seasoned MarTech professional with a strong focus on GA4. Her blog posts and webinars provide actionable insights into using GA4 effectively. Sophie’s expertise extends to other MarTech tools, making her a well-rounded resource in the field.

3. Oliver Hughes – @OliverGA4Insider
Oliver Hughes is a digital marketing specialist with a penchant for GA4. His YouTube channel is a treasure trove of GA4 tutorials and walkthroughs. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, Oliver’s videos are sure to enhance your GA4 skills.

4. Emma Turner – @EmmaMarTechWhiz
Emma Turner is a MarTech whiz with a strong focus on GA4 implementation and data analysis. Her articles and webinars delve into the nitty-gritty of GA4 tracking, helping marketers make the most of this powerful tool.

5. James Bennett – @JamesGA4Strategist
James Bennett is a GA4 strategist with a knack for crafting data-driven marketing strategies. He often shares real-world case studies and success stories related to GA4, making his insights practical and actionable.

6. Hannah Foster – @HannahMarTechInsights
Hannah Foster is a MarTech insights expert with a special interest in GA4’s role in enhancing customer journeys. Her thought-provoking articles and presentations shed light on how GA4 can drive meaningful customer engagement.

7. Nathan Clarke – @NathanMarTechGA4
Nathan Clarke is a MarTech enthusiast known for his deep dives into GA4’s advanced features. His webinars and workshops offer a comprehensive understanding of GA4’s capabilities, making him a go-to resource for marketers seeking to harness its full potential.

8. Grace Patel – @GraceGA4Analytics
Grace Patel is a GA4 analytics guru, offering expertise in data interpretation and reporting. Her practical tips on using GA4 to measure campaign performance and user behaviour are invaluable for data-driven marketers.

9. Benjamin Ward – @BenGA4Conversion
Benjamin Ward focuses on using GA4 for conversion rate optimization. His insights into A/B testing, funnel analysis, and user segmentation within GA4 can help marketers drive more conversions from their digital efforts.

10. Lucy Wright – @LucyMarTechGA4
Lucy Wright is a MarTech specialist who frequently collaborates with industry experts to provide diverse insights into GA4’s applications. Her webinars and panel discussions offer a holistic view of GA4’s role in the marketing technology landscape.

Following these GA4 experts from the UK will not only keep you updated on the latest developments but also provide you with valuable tips and strategies to make the most of Google Analytics 4 in your marketing efforts. Stay connected, stay informed, and stay ahead in the MarTech game.


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